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Austin Man Puts Picture of Himself with his Buick on the Back of his Buick

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Buick LaCrosse

A redditor in Austin, Texas, says he was driving along southbound 35 just north of highway 183 when he saw what is perhaps the most meta Buick in the history of Buicks.

“This dude has a picture of himself with his car… across the entire back window of his car,” wrote reddit user Cydoniagenesis, who posted the snapshot above to the r/funny subreddit, where it quickly went viral.

One of the other reddit users who commented on the photo was a mechanic who said that the LaCrosse’s owner had actually visited his shop before. For proof, he produced this (clearer) photo that he had taken of the vehicle’s rather distinctive back window:

Buick LaCrosse with photo of driver on the back window

The rest of the comment thread was basically just filled with “That’s not a Buick!” jokes being repeated over and over again. Apparently those commercials really were effective.

As for the driver, Buick should consider finding him and documenting his LaCrosse love for a new commercial. If the brand is really worried about the common stereotype of Buick drivers all being ancient 86-year old grannies, this young kid might be able to disabuse some people of that notion.