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Blue Oval City Continues Ford Commitment to Tennessee Communities

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Ford Blue Oval City render and logo
Ford continues its commitment to Tennessee with Blue Oval City
Photo: Ford

Last week, Ford announced that it would be investing $5.6 billion dollars toward the creation of Blue Oval City, a massive mega campus in Tennessee. In addition to helping Ford with its electric ambitions, the project will also have a major impact on communities in Tennessee.

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“As we embark on this journey, Ford will be a good neighbor and work hard to enrich and give back to the communities we are joining,” said Ford Motor Company North America COO Lisa Drake. “We look forward to working together with the local community to create this future.”

Chiefly, Ford revealed that Blue Oval City will bring in 6,000 new jobs. That alone makes Ford’s huge campus a boon for Stanton, Tennessee. But on top of that, Blue Oval City will also bolster worker skills with training and technical education programs. This will help prepare Tennesseans to take on the future of manufacturing in an ever-shifting climate. Ford has committed $525 million at a national level to technician training over the next five years.

Ford is also following up on its commitment to equity and including, ensuring that it will prioritize diversity hiring throughout its supply chain. To ensure this, Ford continues to work with businesses owned by women, minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

In addition to its economic impact, Blue Oval City aims to have a positive effect on the environment. Ford says that the plant will be fully carbon-neutral and zero-waste-to-landfill upon opening. It will also serve the overall purpose of simplifying battery recycling, which will help reduce waste.

Ford already a strong presence in Tennessee ahead of Blue Oval City

Ford Blue Oval City render
A render of Blue Oval City
Photo: Ford

Ford is already a significant presence in Tennessee. The Ford Credit Nashville Business Center employs some 800 people, and Ford’s Memphis parts supply and distribution center employs another 150. Additionally, there are 65 Ford dealerships across the state that employ around 3,600 people.

According to a Boston Consulting Group study, Ford contributes around $1.8 billion to Tennessee’s gross domestic product and supports 18,000 indirect jobs. With the construction and completion of Blue Oval City in 2025, those numbers will likely only increase exponentially.