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BlueOval City Road Names Pay Homage to Ford History

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Ford Blue Oval City render | BlueOval City Road Names Pay Homage to Ford History
A render of the upcoming BlueOval City campus in Tennessee
Photo: Ford

Ford is well along on its path to progress, solidifying itself as the No. 2 EV brand in the country and laying the groundwork to take that top spot. Part of that journey is investing in U.S.-based battery plants, including the recent announcement of BlueOval Battery Park Michigan. Yet while the future is very much in focus, Ford will continue honoring its history along the road ahead, evidenced by the road names at the upcoming BlueOval City campus.

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BlueOval City in Stanton, Tennessee, is still several years away from becoming a reality. Production is kicking off in 2025, and upon completion, it’ll be a 6-square-mile mega campus that Ford has said will “usher in a new era for American manufacturing” much in the same way as the Rouge complex before it.

Because BlueOval City will be so expansive in size, there will be several roads running through it. Ford has revealed the names of six of these roads, and each is a reference to something either from Ford’s past, present, or future.

BlueOval City reveals 6 easter egg-packed road names

American Way

Ford Motor Company World Headquarters Building, Dearborn, Michigan, USA. | BlueOval City Road Names Pay Homage to Ford History
Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan
Photo: Ford

Not a nod to one of the principles for which Superman fights, American Way is a reference to 1 American Road, the address of Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn.

Battery Park Drive

BlueOvalSK Battery Park render | BlueOval City Road Names Pay Homage to Ford History
BlueOval SK Battery Park will house two battery plants
Photo: Ford

Battery Park Drive is a reference to BlueOval SK Battery Park, the home of two future battery plants and a supplier park. Ford announced BlueOval SK Battery Park at the same time as BlueOval City back in 2021.

BlueOval City Drive

BlueOval City
Construction at BlueOval City begins in 2025
Photo: Ford

If you couldn’t guess, this drive shares the same name as the park overall, so you can bet it will house some of the key facilities of this massive campus. In addition to a BlueOval SK battery plant and a park for suppliers, BlueOval City will also be the production site of the next all-new electric Ford truck.

Fairlane Street

1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria
The 1956 Ford Fairlane is one of the most gorgeous 67-year-olds around (behind WIllem Dafoe)
Photo: Ford

This one is what you call a twofer. Fairlane Street serves both as a reference to the Fair Lane estate, which was the home of Henry and Clara Ford, as well as the popular vehicle that Ford produced for seven generations.

Piquette Drive

Ford Piquette Plant
Ford built the legendary Model T at the Piquette Plant
Photo: Ford

The Piquette Plant was built in 1904 and is still in operation today as a historic museum. It’s the oldest auto plant that’s still open to the public today, and its largest claim to fame is building the vehicle that put the car business on the map: the Ford Model T.

Willow Run Street

1943 Ford Willow Run tin shop employee
A worker at Willow Run’s tin shop in 1943
Photo: Ford

During World War II, Ford was part of the Arsenal of Democracy, building 9,000 B-24 Liberators at its Willow Run Bomber Plant. This street name is a reference to that game-changing facility and a tribute to the 42,000 or so workers — many of whom were women — who made a pivotal difference.

While construction won’t begin in earnest at BlueOval City for another two years or so, Ford’s impact in Tennessee is already being felt. Ford Fund has already committed $6 million to programs, causes, and organizations around the state. Ford anticipates that the campus will create 6,000 direct and indirect jobs in West Tennessee. And, not for nothing, but it’s already resulted in at least one kickass milkshake.