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BMW i3 Clinches 2015 Yahoo Green Car of the Year Title

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Electric-Drive-Event-238 BMW i3 2015 Yahoo Green Car of the Year

The stylish BMW i3 has already enjoyed a stellar first year. Despite taking some heat for its hefty price tag (it is a BMW, after all) and a lackluster range-per-charge distance, the electric vehicle (EV) manages to continue garnering plenty of attention.

The latest accolade won by the revolutionary hatchback EV is the 2015 Yahoo Green Car of the Year award, which recognizes the vehicle’s strong drive performance and green-conscious design.

BMW i3’s Win of the 2015 Yahoo Green Car of the Year Isn’t a Surprise

There are two primary aspects of the BMW i3 that Yahoo Autos felt deserved the title of 2015 Yahoo Green Car of the Year: the design and the drive.

First of all, BMW went to impressive lengths to make the i3 a completely green-friendly car, not just in its reliance on electricity to operate. The carbon-fiber frame, regenerative braking, and interior made of primarily recycled and recyclable material set a standard for other EVs. Clearly, BMW wasn’t just looking to cash in on the eco-conscious craze, and the 2015 Yahoo Green Car of the Year judges recognized that.

According to Yahoo Autos, the BMW i3 is the most efficient EV per-mile, even above the Tesla Model S.

Second, for being an EV, the i3 still looks and drives like a BMW should. There’s no shortage of power or style in this revolutionary vehicle. “The most radical vehicle to emerge from any automaker in the past year—and likely the past decade—the BMW i3 looks and drives like nothing else on the road,” said Yahoo Autos’ Justin Hyde in the presentation of the 2015 Yahoo Green Car of the Year award.

Apart from the instant torque, the i3 looks modern—admittedly not as futuristic as the BMW i8 supercar, but is still dynamic in its frosty blue details.

While the 2015 Yahoo Green Car of the Year accolade does include some grievances on the vehicle, as few cars are perfect, Yahoo Autos sticks to its bottom line. Essentially, the BMW i3 sets the standard for how EVs will both look and be crafted in the 21st century, regardless of price tag or range.

Electric-Drive-Event-226 BMW i3 2015 Yahoo Green Car of the Year