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BMW i3 Impresses AAA

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AAA Green Car Awards

The BMW i3 is an impressive green car, exuding luxury from its compact shape while helping make strides to ensure that EVs are seen as viable options on roads around the world. BMW has built whole ridesharing programs around this vehicle, and is constantly lending it out to organizations so that it can prove its mettle against its traditional gasoline competitors. The latest organization to recognize the greatness of this model is the venerated American Automobile Association, better known simply as AAA.

It might be small, but the BMW i3 is truly mighty, with a very recognizable shape that is compact and great for city driving.  The interior is comfortable and unique, with a bright wood dashboard and materials that are all sustainably sourced, and it feels much larger than the compact exterior suggests.

AAA holds the Green Car Awards to recognize cars that help save our planet while still being excellent vehicles. Vehicles are sorted into categories based on size and price, with three categories for cost and six for size. The BMW i3 walked away from the awards show this year with both trophies it was eligible for, as it was recognized as the Best Green Car in the $30,000 – $50,000 price range and as the Best Green Car in the subcompact category.

Christine Fleischer, the BMW i manager for BMW North America, remarked that  “With BMW i, the BMW Group set out to do something truly ground-breaking in the field of sustainable mobility. The BMW i3 continues to be recognized for its design and innovation which demonstrates that we are on the right track.”