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BMW Sales Increase 4.2% While MINI Sales Increase a Massive 42.3% in February

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MINI made a major comeback last month, while BMW managed to do sell many of its branded vehicles as well

The 2016 MINI Convertible's small size makes it an efficient city driver--but it's even greener on the highway

MINI made some major sales gains last month

MINI sales have been on a rather steady decline for a very long time. However, MINI’s fortunes changed last month in a very big way.

After all, MINI sales increased 42.3% in February, while BMW’s own sales increased 4.2% during the same period.

MINI sold 3,065 vehicles by the end of last month. Meanwhile, MINI only sold 2,154 vehicles during February of 2017.

MINI sales are also on the rise for the year as a whole. MINI has sold 6,002 vehicles in the U.S. so far for 2018, a 14% increase over the 5,264 vehicles it sold during the same period back in 2017.

2015 BMW 5 Series Perfromance

The 5 Series sedan continued to be one of BMW’s best-sellers

Meanwhile, BMW sold a total of 23,508 vehicles last month. During the second month of 2017, BMW sold 22,558 of its vehicles.

BMW passenger cars, like the 5 Series sedan, experienced a sales increase of 7.9%. In total, BMW sold 14,983 of its passenger cars last month.

Sales for the 5 Series specifically were up by 16.6%. That makes February the eighth consecutive month of growth for the BMW 5 Series.

BMW X5 xDrive50i

Certain utility models in BMW’s lineup performed better than others last month

Sales for BMW’s light trucks, on the other hand, weree on a slight decline. BMW sold 8,525 of its light truck vehicles during February, a sales decrease of 1.7%.

That doesn’t mean that none of BMW’s light trucks found success last month. For example, BMW sold 4,006 of its X5 vehicles and 3,281 of its X3 vehicles.

So far this year, BMW has sold 42,524 of its branded vehicles. Compared to the 40,667 BMW-branded vehicles it sold during the first two months of 2017, this accounts for a 4.6% sales increase.

You can take a closer look at BMW’s sales for February in the sales chart listed below:

BMW February 2018 Sales