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Brand-New 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution MR Sells for $138K on eBay

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2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR

Ever wonder how much a brand-new 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution would sell for today? Well now you know—with just nine miles on the odometer, a pristine-condition Lancer Evo IX that was put up for sale on eBay Motors by a Southern California dealership with a starting bid of $30,000 went on to attract 80 bids and sold for $137,954.

That’s just over $100,000 more than the car’s original MSRP, so what gives? Well, besides being completely unused, the car was never tilted and had its seats wrapped in plastic. It’s also an Evo IX, considered by many to be the last good generation of Evo cars. Not only was the car popular back in its day, finding one today that hasn’t been modified in any way is a rare feat.

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For collectors, the like-new Mitsubishi is a gem. Even better is that it is the MR model, which arrived to the market over a decade ago with a six-speed manual (as opposed to the previous Evos’ five-speeders), BBS wheels, Bilstein shocks, extra gauges, an aluminum roof, upgraded headlights, MR badging meant to symbolize the car’s “Mitsubishi Racing” roots, and a “Zero Lift” package that adds a rear spoiler extension and other aerodynamic goodies.

According to a reddit commenter, the dealership behind it knew exactly what it was doing, having picked up and stored a good number of Evo IXs when they arrived on the market and making a profit on them by selling them at a later date, when they were no longer available. Talk about good business sense.

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