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British Pop Star Robbie Williams Named Volkswagen Marketing Manager

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British Pop Star Robbie Williams is New Volkswagen Marketing Manager

Britpop legend and “Volkswagen marketing manager” Robbie Williams dances in front of new VW lineup

It seems like Volkswagen always hogs the best car commercials for its home country (case in point: that German TV spot in which a dubbed-over William Shatner drives an e-Golf). Now VW has launched a new European ad campaign that features British pop star Robbie Williams, who the company is calling their new “marketing manager.” We’re pretty sure that announcement is meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek, despite the fact that Germans are well known for their fierce opposition to humor.

“Marketing manager at Volkswagen – wie gut klingt das denn?” said Robbie Williams, quoting the promotional campaign’s new slogan, which translates to “how good does that sound?”

“For me, it’s a big change,” Williams continued. “It’s stepping out of the world of pop into a proper job.”

In a new commercial entitled “Pressekonferenz” (which is, of course, German for “press conference”), Williams is announced as the new marketing manager of Volkswagen. He then takes advantage of the opportunity by rebranding the VW lineup as the new “Club & Lounge” special models, and dancing in front of the vehicles while singing his hit song “Candy.”

Pressekonferenz – Robbie Williams

You can see more videos with Robbie by going here, although some of them are a bit difficult to follow if you don’t speak German.

For American readers who may not be familiar with Robbie Williams, he began his career as a teenage member of the British boy band Take That, performing with the group from 1990 to 1995. Since then, he’s had enough success on his own to become the best-selling British solo artist in the United Kingdom.

So, to put that in American terms, you could say he’s more on the Justin Timberlake end of the former-boy-band-star spectrum than the Nick Carter end.

And now, let’s all take a trip back in time to the year 1991, when Robbie and his pals were at the top of the charts with their smash hit “Do What U Like,” as heard in this controversial music video:

Ah, the 90s were such a fun and sexy and terrible time…