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Bryan Cranston Shines in Built Ford Proud Commercials

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Bryan Cranston Built Ford Proud

Let’s make something clear up front: If Ford is moving to make Bryan Cranston, talented actor, the new voice of its product over Denis Leary, less-talented actor but more-talented Bill Hicks impersonator, then I am all the way here for it.

Cranston supplies the voiceover for “Built Ford Proud,” the Blue Oval’s latest ad campaign that began this month. The campaign is unique in that Ford went to its dealer network to learn more about what should be highlighted, coming away with the insight that passion, innovation, and commitment are some of the leading qualities.

“Every Ford employee I know comes to work each day proud to drive a Ford vehicle and to build great products, services and experiences for our customers,” said Joy Falotico, Ford group vice president and chief marketing officer. “That’s at the heart of this campaign.”

Built Ford Proud – The Future is Built

Now this is what I’m talking about. Bryan Cranston flexing his acting muscles and appearing on screen as everything from a Steve Jobs stand-in to a creepy android (Bryandroid Cranston, let’s call it). The commercial hits on everything from City of Tomorrow and Michigan Central Station to a render of a super futuristic Mustang that may very well be a glimpse of the seventh-gen pony (but probably not). At the end, Cranston is driving through the desert in a Ford F-150 Raptor, looking rad, saying that while others are dreaming of the future, Ford will build it.

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Built Ford Proud – The Family Name

“The Family Name” introduces the idea of “Built Ford Proud,” taking not-so-thinly veiled pokes at its competition (“It doesn’t have wings, horns, or teeth … It’s not the result of a merger”). In the end, it explains exactly what Ford’s Blue Oval badge represents: “It’s our family name.”

Built Ford Proud – Ford Trucks: Built Ford Tough

Hear that? Not an ounce of Denis Leary. This commercial depicts a convoy of Ford trucks and SUVs rolling down a desert road carrying any manner of things, ranging from boats and construction equipment to … geese and a Big Boy. Oh, and Bryan makes a mullet reference: “Whatever party you’ve got going in the back, we’ve got the business up front.” Oh, and “Eastbound and Down” is playing in the background. R.I.P. Bandit.

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