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Chevrolet Equinox Rolls Into Water During Turtle Rescue

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2019 Equinox turtle
2019 Equinox
Photo: Chevrolet

Animals are unfortunately too often directly or indirectly the causes of vehicle accidents and other road issues as a woman found out on September 18. While attempting to rescue a turtle, a woman’s Chevrolet Equinox plunged into the Rock River.

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Here’s what happened

The woman, Missy Long, states that a turtle came to her house in Janesville, Wisconsin, on Tuesday. On Wednesday, she drove to a boat launch off of Afton Road so that she could release the turtle back into the wild.

Unfortunately for Long, her 2011 Chevrolet Equinox rolled into the river while she was trying to free the turtle. Once in the river, the Equinox made its way downstream. Long believes she didn’t shift her vehicle into park when she left it.

Police received two calls about the SUV, which informed them that a car was in Rock River by Bellrichard Bridge. At around 11:34 a.m., both the Janesville police and fire officials responded.  

Kevin Mageland was riding his motorcycle along the bridge and caught sight of the submerged car. He then proceeded to call 911 and jump into the river to make sure no one was stuck in the SUV. Soon after, he learned that there wasn’t anybody inside the Equinox.

With her vehicle in the river, Long had to arrange for another ride away from the boat launch. As a result, she needed to cut her interviews short, and authorities were left unsure of the turtle’s fate.

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Hopefully, the turtle is at least safely back in its natural habitat. Whenever you stop your vehicle, whether it’s for an animal rescue or not, don’t forget to put your vehicle in park.

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