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Chevy Plans on Selling Every 2015 Colorado Produced

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sell all the colorados

Since going on sale in November of last year, the 2015 Chevy Colorado has sold well, particularly in the urban, big city markets that GM is targeting. Yet the Colorado is still a distant second in sales to the dominant Toyota Tacoma, which sold 38,711 units to the Colorado’s 16,937 from November through January.

But that isn’t discouraging Chevy, which has announced ambitious plans to produce more Colorados and sell all of them.

“We were low on supply of the new truck at startup for 2015, but now we’ve added a third shift at Wentzville [Missouri] and figure the truck will be sold out,” Chevy VP Brian Sweeney said at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show. “We’re turning the truck in 17 days or less and are finding a 41% conquest rate of buyers new to Chevrolet, while not seeing defection out of Chevrolet.”

2015 Chevrolet Colorado overview

The 2015 Chevy Colorado

Ward’s Auto reports that last year, the auto industry enjoyed a 5.8% sales increase overall while Chevy saw a 4.4% rise.

“We intend to beat the industry average in 2015,” Sweeney also confirmed. “It was tough last year with 25 million recalls. That was a distraction, but our dealers did a wonderful job and put their customers in a Cruze or Malibu while their recalled car was worked on, and that helped.”

Obviously, Chevy wants the Colorado to contribute to that overall sales total by selling out. Should the automaker fall short of its lofty goal, we suppose they’ll probably just give the leftover Colorados to more New England Patriots.