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Chevy Pulls at Heartstrings in Emotional “Mrs. Hayes” Commercial

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1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air Nomad Wagon
The Chevy star of the commercial, besides the new Blazer EV
Photo: Greg Gjerdingen via CC

‘Tis the holiday season, which means lights are going up and gifts are being purchased at various stores across the country. It also means automotive brands usually pull out their most emotional ads to air between holiday specials on TV. That’s certainly the case with Chevy’s new “Mrs. Hayes” commercial.

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The “Mrs. Hayes” commercial, in its entirety, is nearly 6 minutes long and has even garnered a temporary spot on Chevy’s website homepage. The comments for the video on YouTube are plentiful, with nearly all viewers noting how heartwarming the story is and how the commercial was a work of art.

It all starts with an older woman struggling to get her classic Chevy Bel-Air wagon to start. As she’s coaxing “ole’ beauty” to start, Mrs. Hayes looks into the rearview mirror and reminisces on the past. We’re shown that she has said goodbye to her husband in the car before he was shipped off to war. Sadly, he doesn’t return from his military service and Mrs. Hayes is then seen driving home by herself while children play in the street.

One boy, Billy, seems intrigued by and concerned for Mrs. Hayes but eventually goes inside at the call of his mother. Another day, Billy accidentally hits a baseball too far and it strikes the Chevy Bel-Air while Mrs. Hayes is washing it. She calls him over and they soon build a rapport and she becomes a friendly neighbor to all of the children. Over time, we see Mrs. Hayes having fun with the kids and fostering their creativity. She also teaches Billy how to change the oil on her Bel-Air and helps out when neighbors need a ride.

As we return to the present, Billy gently taps on the window of Mrs. Hayes’ car and offers her a ride home in his fully charged Blazer EV. A little bit later, Billy and his family arrive at Mrs. Hayes’ home with a sentimental surprise that is sure to bring some tears to your eyes.

Of course, this is still a commercial for a brand that is attempting to sell a product. But it’s nice to see a heartwarming story portrayed in such a beautiful way during the holiday season.

WATCH: “Mrs. Hayes” Chevrolet Commercial