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Chevy Spark Crashes Upright in Snow

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Well there’s something you don’t see everyday.

That’s a Chevy Spark standing at attention in snowy Exeter, New Hampshire. And according to local news sources, no one is entirely sure how it got like that.

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“A car crashed straight up into the snow on Route 101 on Wednesday morning,” reported WMUR 9. “State police said no one was hurt, but troopers are trying to figure out exactly what happened.”

Since state and local authorities are stumped, we’ve put together a list of theories to help them out:

1. A fox was driving it


2. Illinois Nazis were driving it 

3. A UFO started abducting it, then shut off the tractor beam and gave up

Hyundai Santa Fe outruns aliens Commercial 4

4. It was auditioning for Cadillac ranch

Cadillac Ranch | Stanley Marsh 3

Cadillac Ranch
Photo by Drriss & Marrionn, CC

5. Car was engaging in Herbie the Love Bug-type shenanigans of its own accord

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Theory #5 would also explain why there apparently wasn’t an owner at the scene of the crash to simply explain how this happened, so we’re going to stick with that one.

News Source: WMUR 9