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Chris Evans Out Of ‘Top Gear’ as Ratings Slide Again

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Top Gear

Hear ye, hear ye, we have an announcement!

Last week, we were very excited that the latest season of Top Gear finally saw a ratings increase for the first time since Chris Evans (not that one) took the reigns from disgraced host Jeremy Clarkson. It seems as if we celebrated too early, as this week’s results came with a new ratings dive for the show’s season finale and, more importantly, Chris Evans’ resignation.

From last week to this, Top Gear managed to lose about one million viewers, dropping overnight ratings to just 1.9 million people, a new low for the modern era of the show. The Guardian gave the program the benefit of the doubt, saying uncommonly good weather throughout Great Britain and ITV coverage of the France vs Iceland game in Euro 2016 were partly to blame for the overnight ratings drop.

Top Gear Matt LeBlanc Chris Evans

The ratings data was released by the BBC with the announcement that Chris Evans would not return for series two of Top Gear. Both the network and Evans himself made it sound like it was Evans’ decision to leave, but I sincerely doubt that. Just last week, rumors were swirling that fellow presenter Matt LeBlanc threatened to leave the show if Evans was not fired. The internet seemed to lend most of its support to LeBlanc, who was one of the revamped show’s most pleasant surprises. It was no secret that Evans’ shouty tone of voice and hosting style were not many people’s cup of tea, and there were rumors of his difficult behavior on set and dictator leadership style towards his fellow presenters. I’m personally still bitter about how he cheated in the very first episode to beat the clearly superior U.S. team in a series of challenges.

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It seems that England is finally giving America the perfect gift for Independence Day, by choosing to keep American Matt LeBlanc over Brit Chris Evans (not that one) for one of its most famous programs. LeBlanc will reportedly still be joined by presenters Rory Reid, Chris Harris, Sabine Schmitz, and Eddie Jordan, who were all received well by audiences, when the show begins filming its new series in September.

Farewell, Chris Evans (not that one). We’ll miss you picking fights on Twitter with the Top Gear naysayers, and having to turn down the volume on the TV when your segments begin to compensate for the shouting. We’re also sure that the other Chris Evans’ (yes that one) publicist will be glad to see the misdirected complaints meant for you trickle down. This American is heading back to the holiday barbecue excited for what could come next for Top Gear.

News Source: The Guardian and BBC News