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Chrysler Group Explores Powering Homes Via EVs

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Chrysler Group has partnered with NextEnergy of Detroit to explore the possibility of powering homes via EVs. In the experiment in the video below, a Fiat 500e is used to power a smart home’s various appliances.

Chrysler Digital Media explores how we may go about powering homes via EVs.

Chrysler Digital Media explores how we may go about powering homes via EVs.

You might be thinking, “Well isn’t that just as wasteful, using up electricity to charge your EV? What’s the difference?” The difference is, you can charge your Fiat 500e or electric vehicle of choice outside of peak hours. This means it will be cheaper to gather that electric power and better for the environment. Then, during those peak hours of energy consumption, you can rely on your electric vehicle to power things such as the dishwasher, ceiling fans, the TV, and even your lamps. Perhaps most impressively, if your power goes out due to a storm or another unavoidable cause, you can still rely on the power from your EV to keep things going.

To power the home, the vehicle is hooked up to the house via the charging station, allowing the house and the vehicle to communicate with one another. The technology also incorporates smart devices, like cell phones and tablets, to accomplish tasks.

NextEnergy is already using the technology to power its own headquarters, where a fleet of Fiat 500e vehicles are hooked all together to counterbalance the company’s overall energy consumption. Believe it or not, NextEnergy projects that this will save the business about $15,000 per year.

For more details on the possibility of powering homes via EVs, check out the video below, courtesy of Chrysler Digital Media.