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Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Named a Finalist for the 2017 Canadian Green Car Award

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The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid has been named to Wards 10 Best Engines List

From Atlantic to Pacific, gee the traffic is efficient

Right now, the automotive industry in the United States is growing more excited than ever for the release of the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Stated to be the most efficient minivan of all time, the Pacifica Hybrid is changing the way that brands view hybrid vehicles.

Of course, the U.S. isn’t the only North American country excited for the Pacifica. Its neighbor to the north recently showcased its own anticipation for the fuel-efficient model.

In fact, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid was recently named a finalist for the 2017 Canadian Green Car Award.

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The Canadian Green Car Awards, operated by the Green Living Enterprises, recognize vehicles that excel in providing Canadian drivers with eco-friendly attributes and fuel ratings. With that criteria as a guideline, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is a perfect fit.

Due to its incredible features and fuel economy, the Pacifica Hybrid was named the best “Efficient Three-Row Family Vehicle” by the Canadian Green Car Awards Committee, which is comprised of expert Canadian automotive journalists. As such, the Pacifica Hybrid will move on as a finalist for the overall 2017 Canadian Green Car Award.

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It’s not all that hard to see why the Pacifica Hybrid has been nominated. Chrysler’s flagship minivan has an electric range of up to 53 kilometers, and a total driving range of 911 kilometers.

For those who don’t subscribe to the metric system, that’s an electric range of 33 miles and a total driving range of 566 miles. Furthermore, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid reaches an EPA-estimated 84 MPGe, a rating that even surprised the team at Chrysler.

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid has a miles-per-gallon-equivalent (MPGe) rating of 84

The Pacifica doesn’t even know its own power!

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid models are manufactured at the Windsor Assembly Plant in Ontario. This makes the hybrid minivan even more appealing to the Canadian populace.

Green Car Awards Committee members have already stated that competition is tighter this year than ever before. Nevertheless, with its incredible combination of versatility and efficiency, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid stands a pretty good chance of claiming Canada’s Green Car Award.