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Colorado Bear Tries To Steal A Subaru

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A black bear ripped apart a Ford Ranger.

Photo Courtesy:
Linda Tanner

This is not a great summer to be a car owner in bear country. In June, a man in British Columbia woke up to a trashed Lexus interior thanks to a member of the Ursidae family. This month, a bear in Jefferson County, Colorado decided it wanted to chill out in a car for the night, and of course chose the best brand for the great outdoors, Su-bear-u.* Oops, I meant Subaru!

According to The Washington Post, the 2004 Subaru Outback is owned by teenager Annie Bruecker, who bought the vehicle recently to help her get to and from her summer job (as if you really need an excuse to buy one of the most trusted cars on the road). She admits to leaving the car unlocked overnight, which is how the black bear managed to get in. No one knows exactly what drew the bear to the vehicle, whether it was food left inside or a strong desire to take a summer road trip away from home.

Once it became trapped, though, the bear wreaked havoc on the car’s interior, tearing up the headliner, plastic sunroof cover, and chewing on the steering wheel (which, to be fair, looks like a donut). When the police were called, they came armed and ready, but once the rear hatch was opened the bear ran for the woods and paid no attention to the puny humans. While black bears are normally small, this one was small enough that authorities wonder if it was a baby that got separated from its mother.

If you live in bear country, please lock your cars to help prevent this happening to your investment. If we let bears get in cars and on the roadway, they might possibly become the most dangerous drivers since Pokémon Go players.

*This terrible/wonderful pun brought to you by Managing Editor Cat Hiles

News Source: The Washington Post