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Colorado Named Best Pickup of 2015

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GM CEO Mary Barra and the Colorado, the Best Pickup of 2015
© GM

Though it may not have come out on top in the 2015 North American Truck of the Year awards, Chevrolet has plenty to smile about when it comes to the 2015 Colorado. Adding to a mantle that already includes the 2015 Motor Trend Truck of the Year, the segment-changing Colorado can now lay claim to the title of Best Pickup of 2015.

“The impressive, all-new 2015 Colorado jumpstarts a category of trucks that was quickly fading away,” said Mark Williams, pickup truck editor. “Midsize pickup trucks have long been a favorite of both experts and truck shoppers, so we’re thrilled to see them come back to life, starting with the new Colorado.” Best Pickup of 2015

Mark Williams, pickup truck editor (left), and Chevrolet Global Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Mahoney (right)

The Colorado defeated the all-new Ford F-150, Ford F-250, GMC Sierra 2500, Toyota Tacoma, and Toyota Tundra for the award. determined that the Colorado was the go-to choice not just because of its affordability and impressive performance, but because it “resets the bar not only in the [midsize pickup] segment but possibly in the entire pickup arena.” surmises that the Colorado could potentially change the way its competitors approach the midsize pickup segment and lead to a total resurgence for the once-faltering kid brother to the full-size pickup. If it leads to more exciting trucks that are fun to drive, good on fuel, and won’t cost too much to drive off the lot, then I’m all for Colorado kickstarting this particular revolution.