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Coolest Colors in the Buick Lineup

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2021 Buick Encore GX Essence
2021 Buick Encore GX Essence
Photo: Buick

Take one look around any parking lot, and you’ll spy a sea of black, white, gray, and silver cars. And while Buick isn’t exactly the poster child for exotic colors and fun hues, the automaker’s lineup features a few more hidden gems than you might expect. Here’s a look at what’s available on Buick’s 2020-2021 model year vehicles.

A Colorful Addition to the Buick Lineup: Shop for an Encore GX

Black Currant Metallic

Black Currant Metallic Enclave GX
Photo: Buick

The Encore GX has some interesting exclusive colors, including Black Currant Metallic. This sparkly deep-purple paint job strikes a nice balance between making your Encore GX unique while still keeping it stately and sophisticated.

Deep Azure Metallic

Dark Moon Blue Metallic Envision
Photo: Buick

Another Encore GX-exclusive shade, Deep Azure Metallic has a hint of turquoise to make it stand out from the other blue vehicles on the road.

Burnished Bronze Metallic

Burnished Bronze Metallic Enclave GX
Photo: Buick

Want your Buick to look like it’s pumpkin spice flavored? Then you might want to choose the very autumnal Burnished Bronze Metallic. It’s yet another hue that’s exclusive to Buick Encore GX

Red Quartz Tintcoat

Red Quartz Tintcoat Enclave
Photo: Buick

Red really isn’t a color that’s normally associated with a subdued marque like Buick. But the Red Quartz Tintcoat paint color, available exclusively for the Enclave, shows that Buicks can pull of bold, bright colors. As a tintcoat color, it has a glossy, clear red topcoat that lends a little more depth to its color.

Chili Red Metallic

  • Chili Red Metallic Envision
  • Chili Red Metallic Encore GX

This shade of red is slightly brighter than Red Quartz Tintcoat. As a metallic color, it sports a shiny clear topcoat, unlike the tinted one found on the Red Quartz exterior color. You’ll only find this color on the Envision and Encore GX.

Dark Moon Blue Metallic

  • Dark Moon Blue Metallic Encore GX
  • Dark Moon Blue Metallic Enclave
  • Dark Moon Blue Metallic Envision

This shade of blue is so dark, it’s nearly black. You’ll be able to see its true colors in bright sunlight, which brings out the brighter shades of this moody hue. This color is available on the Enclave, Envision, and Encore GX

Champagne Gold Metallic

Champagne Gold Metallic Enclave
Photo: Buick

It’s only Champagne Gold if it’s on the Buick Enclave. Anything else is just sparkling greige. No, but seriously, I’ve never seen champagne that’s got a grayish tint to it. If your champagne has a smoky look, maybe reconsider drinking it. Greige is a lovely color for a Buick, not so much for a beverage.

Espresso Metallic

Espresso Metallic Buick Envision
Photo: Buick

Add a Little Color to Your Daily Drive: Shop for the latest Buick Envision models

Brown isn’t a color you often see on vehicles, so Espresso Metallic is a welcome addition to the lineup of available colors for the Enclave. Much like Black Currant Metallic, it’s elegant and unique without being too attention grabbing.

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