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Dashcam Footage Suggests Garage Staff Deliberately Tried to Damage Subaru Impreza

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Staff is seen purposefully aiming at potholes while driving a customer’s car

subaru impreza potholes scooby clinic

A mechanic shop is accused of purposefully aiming a customer’s Subaru Impreza at a series of potholes
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When you drop your car off at the mechanic, there is a certain amount of care you expect the staff to show your vehicle. Imagine one man’s anger when video footage from his dashcam shattered those expectations, instead showing the garage staff deliberately aiming his Subaru Impreza at giant potholes lining a back road.

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That man is Ben Newbery in Romford, Essex, and he is really ticked off. After taking his Impreza to the Scooby Clinic (awesome name for a crappy company) for an issue with his brakes, Newbery discovered that the mechanics had taken his car out for testing following the repair work. But the footage is not comforting; instead it looks like a game of Mario Kart, except instead of an adorable kart driven by Yoshi directly into question blocks and gold coins, it’s a Subaru Impreza driven by asshats directly into potholes, lightheartedly muttering things like, “Got that one!”

You can watch the video below.

Garage Staff Purposefully Aim Customer’s Car at Potholes

Of course, when Newbery accused the staff of Scooby Clinic of intentionally damaging his car, the owner of the garage, Kevin Knight, said, “The lane is full of potholes. You cannot miss them. I’ve got members of staff down there today filling them in.”

Okay, so two things. One, I watched the video multiple times. There is no way you can tell me you can’t miss them. The driver could have slowly maneuvered around those but instead very clearly aimed the car right at them. Two, why the heck couldn’t the driver have chosen a different place to test drive the Impreza then? If they knew the potholes were problematic, you’d think they’d choose a different course.

Admittedly, Kevin Knight has not seen the footage and did say that he’s prepared to take disciplinary action against any employees if he determines that hitting the potholes was intentional. Spoiler alert, Mr. Knight: it was.

While Newbery claims his bumper was damaged during the test drive, the garage counter-claims that the bumper was damaged by “previous work.” Either way, Scooby Clinic repaired it for free.

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Just for fun, watch the video one more time, then read this final statement from Knight:

“I’ve been doing this job for more than 20 years. We take a lot of pride in what we do. There’s no way we would deliberately damage a customer’s car.”


News Source: Daily Mail