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David Price’s Jaguar XJR Gets a Flat Going from Detroit to Toronto

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David Price's Jaguar XLR

In anticipation of today’s 4:00 pm trade deadline, Major League Baseball teams have been dealing players left and right in a flurry of trades this week. One of the players who had to pack his bags was All-Star pitcher David Price, who the Detroit Tigers sent north to the Toronto Blue Jays.

In a moment of big league irony, though, Price’s attempt to abandon America’s Motor City for a new country was thwarted by his own foreign automobile, a Jaguar XLR, which blew a tire en route to Canada.

We’ll let him tell you the story:

One hour later…

His Jag, which he apparently named “Jenny,” was eventually picked up:

A definite nuisance on his road to a new team. But don’t feel too bad for Price—not only did he eventually make it to Toronto, but when he got there, the “trashbag full of popcorn” that he requested the night before on Twitter was waiting for him in the locker room:

It’s good to be a baseball player.