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Dear Kia: Can I PLEASE Have a Stinger GT (For Free)?

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2018 Kia Stinger blue

I neeeeeeeeeed it
Photo: The News Wheel

Hello there, and welcome to the official fan page for the Kia Stinger! 🚘

Okay, this isn’t technically an official anything; I just REALLY love the Kia Stinger and want Kia to just sorta, maybe let me have one for free… Sound like a bad idea? It’s not! Let me tell you why.

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First, a little backstory

Ah, yes. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show working as an editorial photographer for The News Wheel. As I made my way to the back left corner of the North Hall of McCormick Place, I saw something sparkling in the distance. It was, of course, a deep blue, West Coast Customs Kia Stinger with flared fenders and gigantic silver rims. I was so enamored with the vehicle that I had to send a tweet to all 182 of my dedicated followers, letting them know of my newfound love.

Fast forward to today

As an automotive journalist, I see and read about a lot of cars on the daily. But no car has made my heart race as much as the Kia Stinger. The next year at Chicago, I eagerly claimed the Kia section among my fellow TNW photographers just so I could visit my #CarGoals. Back in Ohio, I saw a red Stinger GT parked outside a Rapid Fired Pizza during my lunch break one day and audibly whined in jealousy. (Yeah, there’s probably something wrong with me. Whatever.)

Anywho, let me tell you why it’d be a FANTASTIC IDEA for Kia to just let me have a Stinger fo’ free! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I would post SO MANY PHOTOS on social media

Sure, I don’t have millions of followers on social media like Global Brand Ambassadors BLACKPINK, but I’d like to think I have a good collection of “average American car buyers” on my list of followers. And isn’t that who you’re trying to target, Kia? In the event that I do acquire a Kia Stinger, I would even go as far as creating a separate account for me and my Stinger. Wait, did I just come up with my username? *creates Instagram profile*

2018 Kia Stinger red

I’m not saying I would get a Kia Stinger tattoo, but I’m also not saying I wouldn’t…
Photo: The News Wheel

Think about the PR!

Woman writes story about her love for Kia and tweets at them endlessly. Kia gifts woman with brand new, blue 2019 Kia Stinger GT1 with all-wheel drive. Woman creates Instagram profile specifically for Kia Stinger (and includes dogs in most of the photos). Wow! So cool! Kia is awesome!!!

Seriously, Kia… think about it. 


Morgan, your #1 Kia Stinger fan