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Dodge’s Swole Santa Returns in a Series of Seven Holiday-Themed Shorts

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Jolly Swole Saint Nicholas is back in a series of ads just in time for Christmas

Here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus gains

Early last month, Dodge produced a series of commercials starring professional athlete Bill Goldberg as an extremely ripped Santa Claus. As the Christmas holiday approaches, it would appear Dodge is expanding that marketing initiative.

After all, the automaker recently released seven new ads as a part of its “Jolly Fast Man” campaign.

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Each spot offers a behind-the-scenes look at recent upgrades made to Santa’s workshop at the North Pole. Most notably, Santa has switched out his traditional sleigh with a Dodge-inspired ride called the Redeye Express.

In the ad appropriately named “North Swoll,” Santa explains that, after losing his bowl full of jelly in favor of his shredded new physique, he decided his ride needed an upgrade as well.

Mrs. Claus, played by “All Girls Garage” host Cristy Lee, appears to have had a lot of input in the construction of the Redeye Express. She goes over her suggestions for the vehicle in the “Wish List” spot.

In “Gift Horses,” Santa describes the process of replacing his eight tiny reindeer with 797 horsepower. Said reindeer were reportedly demoted to the mailroom.

One of those reindeer appears in the “Fast & Furry-ous” advertisement, seen plotting his revenge on Old Saint Nick.

The elves also are quite sure what to think about Santa’s new ride. In “Not So Silent Night,” they complain that the tremendous power output of the Redeye Express has caused them to lose their sense of hearing.

Said conditions seem to be getting to the elves, as the “Season’s Beatings” spot shows that fights are breaking out amongst Santa’s helpers.

Finally, in “You Don’t Get Jack,” the elves reveal that Santa has switched out the usual gifts with an assortment of Dodge memorabilia. You can purchase many of these items, including a “Hellcat” Christmas sweater at

Dodge is a brand that is all about power, so it’s not all that surprising to see that its interpretation of Santa is a bit buffer than he traditionally looks. After all, a muscular St. Nick is perfect for an automaker that capitalizes on muscle cars.

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