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Donald Trump’s Big Day With Trucks Adapted Into Children’s Book

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President Donald Trump sits in a truck and honks the horn of the big rig, later wears "I Heart Trucks" Pin

Last week, America’s big boy president had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day, when the meanies in the House of Representatives failed to pass his Trumpcare bill.

But the day before that, Donald Trump had been riding high (quite literally), as he got to sit in the front seat of a real-life big rig, honk the horn, and wear an “I Heart Trucks” pin for the rest of the day.

So now, to commemorate what will no doubt represent the high-water mark of the Trump presidency, noted “failing pile of garbage” BuzzFeed has adapted the story of Donald’s big day into an illustrated children’s book, which it is selling online for $9.99.

Titled The President and the Big Boy Truck, the work is described as “a fun read for ALL ages that shares the story of a special day for the President and his love of trucks.”

Adapted by writer David Mack from his own BuzzFeed article, the book is just 36 pages in length—making it the perfect gift for the ADHD Commander-in-Chief in your life. As he said in a recent Fox News interview, Trump “loves to read,” he just gets too busy with his other big boy responsibilities to do so.

“Actually, I’m looking at a book, I’m reading a book, I’m trying to get started,” he told Tucker Carlson. “Every time I do about a half a page, I get a phone call that there’s some emergency, this or that.”

With such a hectic schedule, this slim volume might be the ideal tome for Trump to look at—er, “read”—from cover to cover.

Let’s hope it’s as good a book as Donald’s son Barron Trump’s children’s classic, The Art of the Dad: