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Dorah Mmekwa Wins Motoring Women of the Year Award

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Dorah Mmekwa, Manufacturing Engineering manager at the Ford Silverton Assembly Plant in Pretoria, South Africa
11-year Ford vet Dorah Mmekwa wins Excellence Award
Photo: Ford

Dorah Mmekwa, a Manufacturing Engineering manager at the Ford Silverton Assembly Plant in Pretoria, has been named one of the big winners in the Motoring Women of the Year Awards. The annual MWOTY Awards ceremony took place Nov. 27 on Facebook Live and was co-hosted by Marcia Mayaba, who is just an absolute gem.

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Mayaba completely rocked a lime green suit while hosting the 2020 Motoring Women of the Year Awards alongside South African comedian Barry Hilton. At around the 35-minute mark, the duo introduces the winner of the Excellence Award, Ford’s Dorah Mmekwa. If you start the video around 34 minutes, you’ll get some fun Mayaba banter.

The Motoring Women of the Year Awards are an extension of Women-Torque, the South African news outlet targeted at women.

“MWOTY recognizes women who have devoted their careers and lives to the industry despite it being traditionally male-dominated,” said Desh Bechan, creative director, Women-Torque. “Our goal is to encourage, reassure, appreciate, and positively advance and develop women in South Africa.”

Dorah Mmekwa grows over 11 years with Ford

Dorah Mmekwa is an 11-year veteran with Ford Motor Company Southern Africa. Her career began in 2009 as a member of the graduate trainee program. From there, she quickly rose to the role of Process and Industrial Engineering technician and would advance into the positions of Quality System engineer in 2012 and senior process paint shop engineer in 2015.

By 2019, Mmekwa had risen to the level of acting Manufacturing Engineering and Maintenance manager at the paint shop at Silverton Assembly. Six months after taking that role, she was named Manufacturing Engineering manager. This incredible rise exemplifies how hard work and dedication can bring talent to the top of their field.

Mmewka credits Ford for her growth, saying “The continuous training and skills development opportunities helped increase my knowledge and understanding of my various functions, and allowed me to constantly progress.”

In earning the Excellence Award, Dorah Mmekwa received some 350 comments during the voting process. One such positive comment comes from Ford of Southern Africa Vice President of Operations Ockert Berry. Berry congratulated Mmewka on her career development and the award win.

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