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Driving Etiquette: National Drive-Thru Day

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McDonalds Drive Thru

Photo: Tim Malone

Today, July 24th, is National Drive-Thru Day! To celebrate, we would like to extend our driving etiquette series to your favorite drive-thru restaurants. We’ve already given you a few drive-thru etiquette tips, but we’d like to add some more to help you, and the establishment’s employees, have the best experience possible on National Drive-Thru Day.

Don’t make stupid jokes

While videos of cone-ing were viral a few years back, that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do when you’re at a drive-thru. Sure, it was probably funny the first time, but after the millionth time of a drive-thru attendant hearing stupid songs or having ice cream smeared all over their hands, they will probably hate you. Simply order your food, pay for it, and be on your way.

Know what you want

While the drive-thru is normally a convenient option, it’s not always the best choice. If you’ve never been to an establishment, it may be best to go inside. If you spend too long hovering at the speaker box, you’re going to hold up the rest of the line and cause a backup. If you’re a regular and already know what you want, the drive-thru is a great option.

Don’t blow smoke 

If you’re smoking, put out your cigarette before entering the drive-thru. The last thing the employee wants is to have cigarette smoke in their face. Plus, you’re in a line where other cars have their windows down. Be respectful and put out the smoke until you hit the open road again.

Order at the speaker box

If you’d like condiments, extra napkins, or anything else included with your order, ask for them at the speaker box. That way, they can include them in the bag. If you wait until you’re picking up your food at the second window, they have to go find them for you and it can take a bit longer and hold up the line.

Ordering your food at a drive-thru calls for a few minor adjustments in your traditional etiquette, but following basic manners and listening to your common sense will help you get your food quickly and efficiently.