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Essential Items Every Home Garage Needs for Car Maintenance

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You don’t need to be a professional auto mechanic to perform some basic maintenance on your car. With the right tools and a helpful DIY guide, you can complete easy tasks like refilling fluids, replacing the battery, and inflating a tire. Make sure you have these tools in your home garage so you’re equipped to fix basic dilemmas yourself.

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Socket set & torque wrench

Must-have tools for unscrewing and refastening most components. You don’t have to invest in a high-end motorized wrench — just a simple, quality hand wrench can suffice.

Wet/dry vacuum

Whether you’re vacuuming the mess off the floor or cleaning the car’s interior, a heavy-duty vacuum is crucial for a tidying up.


Have a dedicated set of automotive funnels so you’re not using the same funnel for pouring oil, gasoline, and wiper fluid (or, heaven forbid, borrowing the cooking funnel from the kitchen).

Extendable pickup tool

Whenever you accidentally drop a bolt or washer in the engine bay, you can easily retrieve it with a telescoping magnet or claw apparatus. Some handy models even have LED lights embedded in the tips.

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portable mechanic's light hood engine garage lamp
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Portable light

An LED under-hood light or hand lamp makes it easier to work on the engine. Many lamps use magnets to mount to the underside of the hood and are rechargeable.

Air compressor & pressure gauge

Why spend money inflating low tires when you could save money in the long run by filling up at home? Invest in a small air compressor that you can keep in the garage. It’ll pay for itself after a few years.

Fuel cans

It’s always handy to have a couple of these around to refill the tank without having to drive to the gas station. Make sure you store these somewhere safe, like a shed that’s away from ignition sources.

Touch-up paint

If you don’t own a tube of touch-up paint for your car that matches its factory color, order one now! It’s important for covering up unsightly scratches and preventing them from forming rust.

Lots of cleaners, lubricants, & applicants

Extend the life and vitality of your vehicle by regularly washing, waxing, and lubricating it inside and out. Keep a fully stocked shelf of materials and solutions for this purpose.

Having the right tools on hand can help you become a more experienced, confident home mechanic, and you definitely should start by gathering these essential home garage items.