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Explained: Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Shield Design Philosophy

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2016 Mitsubsihi Outlander

If you were asked to describe what a Mitsubishi vehicle looked like or stood for, you’d probably give a very different answer than your neighbor would. This inconsistency in brand image is being mended with the automaker’s new design philosophy called Dynamic Shield. As the first step in Mitsubishi’s mission to re-brand itself, Dynamic Shield provides a common guideline for all future model developments.

What Is Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Shield?

Mitsubishi’s design philosophy of Dynamic Shield focuses primarily on the front fascia. It combines two crucial elements that make up its single unifying identity: protection and performance. Also referred to as “form and function,” takes into account a rugged, sporty appearance with a concern for safety. This can be seen in the new blacked-out, horizontal grille with thin chrome trim and angled headlights, as well as the front fender extensions.

Dynamic Shield’s influence also extends to the rear, with defined side creasing and a bulkier rear end.

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander blue

2016 Outlander shows off Dynamic Shield

Dynamic Shield isn’t just about the look of a vehicle but the philosophy behind it, according to the automaker. It embraces an identity as protector of people inside and outside of the car, with–as the automaker says, “form following function.”

The introduction of Dynamic Shield has been the mission of global design chief Tsunehiro Kunimoto, who worked at Nissan for four decades. To reinvigorate the brand, he joined Mitsubishi to introduce a consistent look across the lineup that highlighted the automaker’s off-road roots.

The first vehicle that touted the new design language was the 2016 Outlander, which debuted back in 2015 at the New York Auto Show. The redesigned SUV has been the torchbearer for the current campaign to enhance the design appeal of Mitsubishi’s lineup. As the first production model to showcase Dynamic Shield, the Outlander received a lot of attention and praise. Later that year, the eX Concept also paraded Dynamic Shield.

So far, it looks like this new approach is taking the brand in a strong new design direction.

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