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Extremely Limited BMW i3 Shadow Sport Arrives at LA Auto Show

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BMW i3 Shadow Sport edition Profile door opened

The BMW i3 is a sporty electric car that already offers a lot when it comes to style, with its distinctive shape and unique interior. I’ll admit to falling in love with it at first sight.  That isn’t stopping BMW from taking it to the next level, however. At the LA Auto Show, the 2016 BMW i3 Shadow Sport has been revealed to the world, and it’s pretty darn cool. Alas, as a special edition, it will be very hard for the average BMW enthusiast to get their hands on it.

First of all, the i3’s distinctive two-tone color scheme is gone. Instead of a black hood and accents flanked by shades of grey, white, or orange, the entire car is a deep, inky black. The color is dubbed “Fluid Black”, and it makes the whole car take on a new attitude. The blue accents remain from the standard model on the exterior, but now the bright blue continues to the interior of the car as a stripe on the sides of the dark seats.

BMW i3 Shadow Sport edition

Probably the most exciting feature of the 2016 BMW i3 Shadow Sport has to be the moonroof. It’s a puzzle as to why the i3 hasn’t always included a moonroof option. The design of the i3 lends itself to natural light and an open cabin, and a moonroof would only enhance the experience. BMW seems to have at least partly heard fans asking for one, but there has been no inkling of the window making it to standard production. A sport-tuned suspension and new 19-inch wheels that are ready to take on even the most serious EV doubter finish off this special edition vehicle.

All of these details sound pretty amazing. The special edition takes an already awesome car and bumps it up to another level we didn’t even know we needed. It’s time for some very bad news, though. Only 50 limited edition 2016 BMW i3 Shadow Sport vehicles will be produced, at a reasonable price of $48,395. I am writing my letter to Santa now, with all the fervent desire of a little girl who wants a pony for Christmas.