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FCA Adding 700 Jobs at Sterling Heights to Support Next-Gen RAM 1500

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The fact that the new Jeep Compass will not only be built in Mexico but was revealed in Brazil might be enough on its face to wake the snarling, saggy Republican presidential nominee from his Cheeto-hued slumber and cause him to slobber off some kind of half-concocted lie about Jeep packing up all of the jobs and sending them to the North Pole.

But perhaps Trump, who seems to know surprisingly little about business despite building his inexplicable political career on the back of his sometimes successful career in business, is cutting Fiat Chrysler Automobile a bit more slack because 1) he thinks that Fiat’s acquisition of Chrylser, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram way back when instantaneously rendered them foreign 2) he saw that FCA also announced plans this week to create 700 AMERICAN jobs at Sterling Heights Assembly, shrugged, muttered something sexist under his breath, and diverted his focus to cleaning errant spittle from his chin-gorge.

The City of Sterling Heights announced on Tuesday that the 700 jobs will be created effective at the start of production on the next-gen RAM 1500, which is slated to get underway in 2018. The addition of jobs is part of an announced $1.48 billion investment in Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, which brought the total invested in SHAP since 2011 to approximately $3 billion.

“The city is very excited to learn the $1.48 billion investment at SHAP will be accompanied by 700 new jobs in the City,” said Mayor Michael C. Taylor. “The economic impact from these new, well-paying jobs, not to mention thousands of jobs preserved at both Sterling Stamping and SHAP, equates to millions of dollars in the local and regional economy. We are grateful for FCA’s long-term commitment to Sterling Heights.”

FCA also announced that it will be receiving a $4.56 million grant for its job creation, adding to an $11 million tax break received from Michigan for its investments in SHAP. According to USA Today, the 700 jobs does not include any laid-off workers who will be brought back to the plant to aid in the production of the RAM 1500.

News Source: USA Today