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Fiat Chrysler Manages to Outsell Ford in September

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While other automakers suffered major sales setbacks in September, FCA had its best September sales in 18 years

The latest line of Ram trucks is helping FCA set sales records

The vast majority of major automakers lost sales last month. In contrast, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles actually managed to increase sales by a large margin.

In fact, the automaker had its best September sales in 18 years.

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The automaker’s sales reached a total of 199,819 vehicles in September. Compared to sales in September of 2017, this accounts for a 15 percent sales increase.

In fact, Fiat Chrysler managed to outsell Ford for the first time in 11 years. Ford only managed to deliver 197,404 vehicles in September.

2019 Jeep Cherokee

In a short period of time, the Cherokee has gone from a sales washout to a powerhouse

Leading the charge for FCA’s sales supremacy was the Jeep brand. Jeep sales were up by 14 percent, with a total of 83,764 vehicles sold.

The Cherokee continued its upward sales mobility in September, with sales for the model up 87 percent. Wrangler sales stayed relatively stable, with a 2 percent sales increase.

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Ram also experienced increased sales. Sales for the Ram brand were up 9 percent last month.

According to reports, the Ram 1500 managed to outsell the Chevy Silverado for the last two months. The introduction of the next generation Ram 1500 definitely has something to do with that performance.

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan Headlights

Fleet sales helped triple Dodge Grand Caravan sales

Perhaps the most surprising turn of events is Dodge’s sales success last month. In all, Dodge sales were up by a massive 41 percent.

Of course, much of this sales success can be attributed to fleet purchases. Such transactions led to a 344 percent sales increase for the Dodge Grand Caravan.

Unfortunately for Dodge, its sales are still down for the year as a whole. Still, with only a 2 percent sales loss year-over-year, there’s still time for Dodge to recover.

Chrysler was the only one of FCA’s major brands to lose sales last month

The Chrysler brand isn’t faring nearly as well. Sales were down by 7 percent in September, with sales down 12 percent so far this year.

Even the Pacifica lost sales in September, suffering a slight 2 percent sales loss. It would seem that the Grand Caravan’s success has in some ways hurt its Chrysler minivan counterpart.

Fiat’s future looks pretty bleak

As for the Fiat brand, things aren’t looking too good for its future in the U.S. FCA has only managed to sell 12,084 Fiat vehicles so far this year, a 43 percent decline in sales.

Alfa Romeo, on the other hand, it doing just fine, especially thanks to the Stelvio SUV. Sales for the Stelvio were up 163 percent in September.

Even brands like Alfa Romeo are relying on SUVs for success

By the end of September, FCA had delivered 1,679,983 vehicles to customers. Even in the face of inclement weather and rising gas prices, FCA finished the third quarter of the year with a strong sales performance.

You can take a closer look at that sales performance using the chart below:

FCA September 2018 Sales