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FIAT GIF Endless Fun Commercial Is, Um, Confusing

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A shot from the FIAT GIF Endless Fun commercial

A shot from the FIAT GIF Endless Fun commercial

Have you guys seen the new FIAT GIF Endless Fun commercial yet? I just stumbled upon it a couple minutes ago and had to drop everything I was doing (so the doughnut that I was eating while scrolling through BuzzFeed) to address how frickin’ weird this thing is. Go ahead, check it out:

FIAT GIF Endless Fun

What in the world was that even?

Look, I understand that FIAT is trying to appeal to younger women, because that’s their main demographic. And younger women apparently spend a lot of time looking at strange gifs on Tumblr, maybe, kind of, I don’t really know, but I think that’s what FIAT was thinking… As a commercial, I think this is just incredibly odd.

I’m not really in the mood to buy a FIAT after watching it at least. Mostly I’ll just be spending the next three hours trying to get Diplo’s “Biggie Bounce” out of my head—or die trying.