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First US Fuel Economy Index Decline Observed in Four Years

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The first US fuel economy index decline in four years has been recorded.

The first US fuel economy index decline in four years has been recorded.
Photo by Shell, CC

For the first time in more than four years, the US fuel economy index has actually declined. This means that the average fuel economy rating of new light vehicles here in the US remarkably dropped. The decline was minuscule, of course—just 0.1% down year-over-year—but at a time when automakers are seemingly doing everything they can to produce more efficient vehicles year after year, it is somewhat unexpected not to see an increase in the US fuel economy index.

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Counteracting this dip in average vehicle fuel economy ratings is the notable drop in gas prices. According to WardsAuto, the national average price for gas last month was $2.997 a gallon. This marks the first time that the average has dropped below $3 since November of 2010, four years ago. The average gas price last month was a whopping 9.8% less than it was in November of 2013 and 7.9% less than it was in October of this year.

The cost of diesel is also down. At a national average of $3.647, diesel prices are at the lowest they’ve been since February of 2011.

Let’s hope 2015 brings more fuel-efficient options—but that gas prices continue to drop as well!

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News Source: WardsAuto