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Ford Announces Resource and Engagement Center for South Africa

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Ford Resource and Engagement Center South Africa

Ford today announced the creation of the Ford Resource and Engagement Center near the automaker’s Silverton Assembly Plant just outside of Pretoria, South Africa. The center’s purpose will be to provide job training and development for an estimated 200 individuals every year, a mission enabled by an estimated annual investment of 2 million rand. The Ford Resource and Engagement Center in Southwest Detroit will serve as the template upon which the center will be based.

“Ford Fund has a proud tradition of strengthening the communities that are home to our employees, dealers, suppliers and customers,” said Jim Vella, president, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services. “As our company expands throughout the African continent, we are bringing our innovative community investment programs to new regions to create a better world.”

The original Ford Resource and Engagement Center opened in Detroit three years ago, and in the time since, it has returned $3 in services to members of the community for every $1 invested by Ford and nonprofits.

The center in South Africa will be co-operated by Future Families, a local nonprofit focused on aiding families and orphans affected by HIV and AIDS. Their tasks will include prepping training packages that are aimed at helping participants more easily secure jobs, including courses on financial literacy and presentation as well as training in vocational and technical skills.

Ford Fund’s investment in the plant over five years will total approximately $750,000, and it is part of the company’s previously-announced five-year, $4 million investment in community-building endeavors in Africa. The plant is scheduled to open in October.

Last month, Ford also announced a $170 USD investment that would expand Everest and Ranger production at Silverton Assembly.