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Ford Bronco Engineer Absolutely Roasts Chevy Blazer

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Ford Bronco engineer Colleen Hoffman roasts Chevrolet Blazer
Colleen Hoffman: “I’m about to end this SUV’s whole career”
Photo: Ford

Breaking: the Chevrolet Blazer is dead, and Ford Bronco engineer Colleen Hoffman has killed it. Cause of death: devastating wit.  

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Hoffman, a 27-year veteran at Ford, was recently interviewed by @FordOnline to discuss her role in designing the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco. Specifically, Hoffman and her team designed the modular roof system and the class-exclusive frameless doors that make the Bronco a contender for the ultimate outdoor vehicle.

“Making Bronco the ultimate open-air experience and making it easy for everyone was really critical. We had a panel of off-road experts, Jeep owners, enthusiasts who were all involved in the development process,” Hoffman said. “And I frequently visited my brother, who owns a vintage Bronco.”

Hoffman’s roast for the ages

Relaunching a brand as iconic as Bronco is by no means a small undertaking, and it’s clear that Hoffman and her team at Body Engineering didn’t take the task lightly. By immersing themselves in all things Bronco, the team ensured that the Bronco lives up to the lofty expectations of purists and those new to the SUV altogether.

A charge in which, she all-too-succinctly points out, a certain former Bronco rival failed.

“It’s tough bringing back an icon,” Hoffman said. “You have to do it right, otherwise you wind up with a Chevy Blazer.”

Take a moment and check to see if your nearest autobody shop has a burn unit because the new Blazer is gonna need it after eating all of that firebomb.

Of course, Hoffman is speaking to the chorus to some degree. After the all-new Bronco debuted in July, critics were snowed by its retroriffic exterior and exceptional off-road capability — all geared toward driving the Jeep Wrangler deep beneath its treads. It also gave critics another opportunity to dog Chevrolet for bringing back its iconic Blazer and Trailblazer nameplates, best known as off-road vehicles in the vein of the Bronco and Wrangler, at stylish yet fairly toothless crossovers.

And now Colleen Hoffman, Closures Manager for Body Engineering on the Ford Bronco, has — as the kids say — ethered the Chevrolet Blazer for good measure. (For the record, it’s more accurate to say she ethered the Blazer than to say she threw shade at it or read it to filth. Please refer to the legendary Dorian Corey for the proper definition of both terms.)

There is beauty in 2020 after all. Thank you, Colleen, for sharing it with us all.

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