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Ford China Sales Slide 29 Percent in May

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Ford Motor Company and its joint ventures in China delivered 61,744 vehicles in May, down 29 percent from its May 2017 total of 87,441 vehicles. Changan Ford Automobile sales declined 43 percent at 34,026 vehicles delivered, Jiangling Motor Corporation sales were flat at 22,712 vehicles delivered, Lincoln was down 3 percent at 3,701 vehicles, and import sales were down 20 percent at 1,305 vehicles.

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“As we continue to transform our business, we remain focused on our In China For China strategy,” said Peter Fleet, president, Ford Asia Pacific and chairman and CEO, Ford China. “We announced new leadership for both the Ford National Distribution Services Division and Lincoln, established a new partnership to explore a smart mobility solution, and offered our customers more competitive pricing following recent tariff reductions. We believe we are taking the right steps to drive the business forward.”

Ford China in May announced that it would be lowering the price of all imported goods as the result of a reduction in tariffs issued by the Chinese government. This resulted in price cuts ranging between 15,000 yuan and 35,000 yuan ($2,330 to $5,435) for the Explorer, Focus, Mustang, and F-150 Raptor.

JMC managed to improve its May 2017 sales figure by six vehicles thanks to big months from the JMC Pickup, JMC Teshun, JMC Light Truck, and JMC Heavy Truck. Despite the year-over-year drop overall, Lincoln got a big boost from the Continental and Navigator, which were up 12 percent and 87 percent, respectively.

Through May, Ford China’s sales are down 22 percent at 338,386 vehicles delivered. CAF sales are down 31 percent at 199,188 vehicles, JMC is down 5 percent at 113,155 vehicles, Lincoln is up 2 percent at 19,964 vehicles, and imports are down 24 percent at 6,079 vehicles.

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