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Ford Conveyor Belt Mattress May Save Marriages in the Bedroom

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'Ford tough' bed keeps couples in their lanes

Ford Conveyor Belt Mattress
Witness a bed that is all Ford love.
Photo: Ford of Europe

The honeymoon is over, and Valentine’s Day was so yesterday. Now there is only one hindrance to your relationship reaching its full potential — the bedroom.

Get your head out of the gutter. I’m talking about the Ford conveyor belt mattress, which utilizes the creativity behind Ford’s lane-keeping technology to keep spouses and partners in line. This prototype joins a series of smart technologies from Ford Interventions, including a noise-cancelling dog kennel and the MAX Motor Dream cot to hush little babies to sleep.

Nothing is more frustrating than when the person you are sleeping with stretches out onto your side. It’s enough to put you on or over the edge.

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Bed hoggers have met their match, as this mattress features a pressure sensor that alerts the other mate when his or her partner crosses the line and violates his or her personal space of the bed. Much like its Lane-Keeping Aid that returns vehicles to their lane with a nudge of the steering wheel, the bed will then gently guide the offender back to his or her side of the bed to prevent a side swipe with the passenger.

Uninterrupted night of sleep

Sleep experts say that our movement at night when catching quality zzzs is to be expected.

“We move unconsciously during the night,” said Dr. Neil Stanley, author of “How to Sleep Well.” “We make 12-20 major positional changes, and sleep deprivation is a problem to our physical, mental, and emotional health.”

Everyone deserves an uninterrupted night of sleep, so this technology may be what relationships need to endure a lifetime of petty arguments, overdue water bills, and poopy-diaper children throwing temper tantrums in the grocery store.

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If the divorce rate goes down in America, we will know who to thank when this lane-keeping bed prototype goes to production. Ford — if you and your spouse haven’t slept in a Ford lately, sleep again.

Source: The Verge, Ford of Europe