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Ford, Datang Complete C-V2X Trials At National Intelligent Vehicle Pilot Zone in Shanghai

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National Intelligent Vehicle Pilot Zone in Shanghai

Ford and Datang have completed their Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything tech (C-V2X) trials in China with the consensus being that of rousing success. The trials launched in 2017 at Shanghai’s National Intelligent Vehicle Pilot Zone, building on Datang’s advancements in LTE-V2X technology.

C-V2X technology enables a vehicle to comprehend the environment around it, making it, the driver, and pedestrians and cyclists more aware of areal hazards like blind intersections or inclement weather. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration anticipates that the adoption of V2X technology will reduce the frequency of crashes and as a result significantly cut down the number of lives lost on roads around the world.

“Datang is a recognized leader in LTE-V2X, and we believe that this technology is likely to play a key role in the automotive industry’s transformation in the coming years,” said Chen Shanzhi, vice president of Datang.

“To realize the goal of a future of smart vehicles in smart cities, all technology should be speaking the same language,” said Don Butler, executive director, Connected Vehicle and Services, Ford.

The trial also represents one of the first stages in the development of 5G technology and infrastructure. Ford is a member of the 5G Automobile Association (5GAA), which bridges telecom and automotive the synthesize and streamline the development of the technology.

In addition to its partnership with Datang, Ford in 2017 announced that it would be partnering with Qualcomm, AT&T, and Nokia to put forth trials of V2X technology in thee United States.