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Ford Earns Perfect Score on HRC’s 2017 Corporate Equality Index

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The Blue Oval joins the list alongside several other automakers for its inclusiveness in the LGBT community

Ford scored a 100 in the HRC's 2017 Corporate Equality Index

Ford scored a 100 in the HRC’s 2017 Corporate Equality Index

Ford announced today that it has once again earned perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) 2017 Corporate Equality Index. This comes as little surprise, as the Blue Oval has received a 100 on this index every year since 2004.

The Corporate Equality Index (CEI) is a “national benchmarking survey and report on corporate policies and practices related to LGBT equality in the workplace.” This is an important tool given the political climate of today—it allows you to see easily which companies are supportive of inclusion and equality and which are not.

According to Ford, the rating in the CEI is based on a number of factors. Among them are domestic partner benefits, nondiscrimination workplace protections, competency programs, transgender-inclusive health care benefits, public engagement with the LGBT community, and more.

“Ford is committed to creating an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion within our workforce and communities,” explained Meeta Huggins, chief diversity officer at Ford. “The diverse backgrounds of our employees truly make us a stronger company and we are extremely proud of our policies and programs that support equality.”

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Donald Trump’s election has been a cause for serious concern in the LGBT community
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The recent presidential election was cause for concern within the LGBT community. According to The New York Times, the vast majority of LGBT voters selected Hillary Clinton for president—78% in total. Just 14% voted for Donald Trump, while another 8% voted for third party candidates. Following the election, social media was flooded with LGBT citizens voicing their fears about a Trump presidency—not their annoyance or disappointment, but their actual fears. While Trump himself has stated that he does not plan to try to reverse the landmark decision (Obergefell v. Hodges) that legalized same-sex marriage in the United States (side note: here’s how I celebrated that day as an auto journalist), he does intend to select a conservative Supreme Court Justice, which opens the pathway for those who want to repeal the decision; traditional marriage organization hate group National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has already published its plans to attempt to do so.

What’s equally as troubling to that 86% of the LGBT population that didn’t vote for Trump, as well as its progressive straight allies, is Vice President-Elect Mike Pence famously supported conversion therapy for LGBT youth and, even more famously, tried to legalize discrimination through his “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” The concern here is that Trump and Pence will bring forward a federal “religious objection” law that allows businesses to refuse service simply because someone is LGBT.

Why all this background? Because, plain and simple, it is thanks to businesses like Ford that LGBT citizens can remain hopeful. While the government may take some steps backward, it is encouraging to see business and celebrities, alongside our own friends and family, stand up for equality, even in such dark times.

dumbledore happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light

Remember, kids…

As a member of the LGBT community myself, I thank Ford for its inclusive business practices and its public encouragement of the push for earning and maintaining equal rights for all Americans. Congratulations on your perfect score, Ford, and keep up the good work.

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