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Ford Says Farewell (for Now) to the Fiesta

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Ford Fiesta ST | Ford discontinuing Fiesta in 2023
Time comes for all, including the Ford Fiesta
Photo: Ford

The party is over. Ford this month revealed that it will end production of the Fiesta in Cologne, Germany, next summer. Since its debut in 1976, the Fiesta has gone on to become the bestselling car in the history of the United Kingdom and a staple in several other markets.

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Ford discontinues Fiesta to make way for more EVs

Production of the Ford Fiesta ends next June, paving the way for Ford to kick off its new electric crossover based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform. In 2024, the Cologne plant will also begin building an as-yet-unnamed sports crossover. Ford expects to build around 200,000 EVs a year at the plant at full capacity.

The Fiesta leaves behind quite the impressive legacy. Over its 47 years, the Fiesta has seen sales totaling more than 20 million cars around the globe. Nearly 5 million of that total has been within the U.K., where the Fiesta reigned as the No. 1 vehicle from 2009 to 2020.

Recently, the Fiesta has been overtaken in popularity by the Puma, symptomatic of the wider consumer preference for crossovers. The Puma will also be one of the next Ford vehicles to make the switch to electric with an EV entering production by 2024.

Will the Ford Fiesta return down the line? Possibly!

2019 Ford Fiesta SE Hot Pepper Red Metallic
Ford discontinued the Fiesta in the United States 2019
Photo: Ford

With the Fiesta’s five-decades-strong brand cache, it would not be the least bit surprising if this farewell were short-lived. Ford is no stranger to reviving well-known names for new products — see the Maverick compact pickup truck — so it feels safe to assume that the Fiesta’s days are far from numbered.

But until Ford decides to get the party started again, the Fiesta goes gently into that good night next June. Of course, American drivers already know that sting all too well — the Fiesta was one of those axed after Ford did away with every car other than the Mustang. It was last offered in the U.S. as a 2019 model, including the beloved Fiesta ST.