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Ford Hits CO2 Emissions Goal Eight Years Ahead of Schedule

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Ford Sustainability Report Cover

Ford Motor Company on Wednesday released its 19th annual Sustainability Report, which revealed that the automaker has achieved its goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing by 30 percent a full eight years ahead of schedule.

Ford’s Environmental Quality set the goal of a 30 percent reduction in CO2 emissions generated by global manufacturing in 2010, projecting that its objective would be reached by 2025. According to the Sustainability Report, Ford reached that mark last year by cutting an incredible 3.4 million metric tons of emissions between 2010-17.

“We are proud of the work we have done to achieve this goal,” said Bruce Hettle, group vice president, manufacturing and labor affairs. “We’ve made several improvements to our manufacturing operations — from the lighting we use to plant consolidations — all of which played a role in dramatically reducing our CO2 footprint.”

Hettle said that Ford is looking forward to a new objective concerning the use of renewable energies. The automaker will also continue to act in defiance of climate change deniers nested within the federal government by working to meet CO2 reduction goals set forth in the Paris Climate Accord.

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A joint statement from Ford CEO Jim Hackett and Executive Chairman Bill Ford in the Sustainability Report confirms Ford’s position on climate change and its efforts to help solve the crisis.

Our planet is facing increasing challenges, with profound implications: greater congestion in cities, the rise of human population and climate change.

Over the past decade, we have developed a comprehensive approach to manage climate change and the opportunities of a changing world. Today, this approach includes delivering CO2 reductions in line with the Paris Climate Accord and investing in the future of mobility.

As well as reducing vehicle and operational emissions, we’re committed to investing $11 billion in electric vehicles, with a goal of putting 40 hybrid and fully electric vehicles on the road by 2022.

We don’t have all the answers. But what we do have is the drive and the commitment to doing things the right way. We are working to make peoples’ lives better through greater access to mobility, more connectivity, less congestion and reduced emissions.

The future is exciting, and together we believe we can make a real difference to the world.

The full 2017-18 Ford Sustainability Report can be found at

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