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Ford Kuga Intelligent AWD Uses Artificial Intelligence

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Ford Kuga Hybrid with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive with Artificial Intelligence
New Kuga Hybrid available with Intelligent AWD
Photo: Ford

The new Kuga and Kuga Hybrid are among the latest vehicles in the Ford lineup to receive available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. This cutting-edge AWD platform uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust to driving conditions, allowing the Kuga to deliver optimal performance and efficiency.

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“All-wheel drive isn’t just for heading off-road — the extra traction can make journeys smoother, safer, and less stressful for drivers, particularly in wintry conditions,” said Glen Goold, Kuga chief program engineer. “We designed our new Kuga Hybrid to help drivers save on fuel costs, and the artificial intelligence of AWD disconnect means they can do exactly that while still getting all the benefits of Intelligent All-Wheel Drive.”

Intelligent AWD uses ‘fuzzy logic’

Intelligent AWD introduces automatic disconnect technology to the Kuga lineup. Using what Ford calls a “fuzzy logic” algorithm, the system determines whether AWD, front-wheel drive, or rear-wheel drive will suffice for the current driving conditions.

Ford driveline applications supervisor Scott Beiring says that the algorithm gets its name by taking account of factors including temperature and whether the windshield wipers are engaged, meaning it makes the best decision possible given environmental factors quicker than a human could.

The system can adjust in as little as 10 milliseconds, providing a near-instant response in situations where a loss of traction can lead to wheel slip. By disconnecting the rear wheels in normal driving conditions, the Kuga operates more efficiently in normal driving conditions. In a situation where the road becomes more treacherous, the driveline automatically reconnects the rear wheels and switches to all-wheel drive, ensuring the best control possible.

Ford has already rolled out Intelligent All-Wheel Drive on vehicles like the new Edge and Explorer, and it will likely continue to make it more broadly available in the future.

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