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Ford Shows Off New C-V2X Technologies at ITS America

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new C-V2X Technology
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is one of the leading automakers pushing toward the implantation of cellular vehicle-to-everything technology, and two new innovations demonstrate its continued leadership in that field. Ford Connected Vehicle Platform and Product Executive Director Don Butler writes in Medium this month that Ford showed off two new C-V2X advancements aimed at improving safety for drivers and pedestrians earlier this month at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

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Ford demoed a roadside unit that allows vehicles to communicate with pedestrians, bicyclists, and other travelers using wireless technology, allowing them to better understand their surroundings. The unit is called an “interpreter” by Butler, who says that the device leverages C-V2X as well as Bluetooth and short-range comms to potentially notify pedestrians of oncoming vehicles via their smartphones.

It also showed off a blockchain-based system that allows vehicles to determine right-of-way at intersections, cutting down on those pesky instances of “no, you go first … no, after you … no, really, I insist.” The system will create what Butler calls a “discussion” between vehicles as to which goes first, helping ensure smoother transitions at stops as well as better safety.

“We are bullish on C-V2X. The capability to truly change the way we move in our cities is exciting,” Butler writes. “C-V2X will help unlock the capability of city infrastructure by serving as a conduit for an additional source of data about traffic, construction, emergency vehicles, and more, allowing cities to optimize travel across mobility options and improving safety and efficiency for residents and visitors.”

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News Source: Medium