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Ford, Sony Team on New Audio System for Explorer Platinum

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Ford Sony Explorer

Ford announced today that it is teaming with Sony to create an exclusive audio system for its upcoming Explorer Platinum. The sound system will premiere two industry-first technologies known as Live Acoustics™ and Clear Phase™.

Live Acoustics is intended to deliver sound on a level tantamount to that which one would experience live at a concert hall, and Clear Phase creates the impression that the music emanating from within the vehicle actually comes from a larger source. In a nutshell, these technologies will make music sound louder, clearer, and bigger than ever before in an automobile.

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The Live Acoustics system consists of 12 speakers located in 10 different spots throughout the vehicle, and an all-new Class D amp that will provide lossless power for increased sound quality. The components and the layout that go into the system were overseen by Sony engineer Giro Shiraishi, who also so happens to be a concertmaster with the Sony Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ford Sony Explorer

“This technology was previously available only in our high-end home audio systems – we’ve now applied the algorithm of Live Acoustics to Ford Explorer Platinum’s audio system to transform the listening experience to be among the finest in the world,” says Shiraishi.

Clear Phase eliminates sound dispersion, which prevents instruments and sounds from blending or bellowing over one another when they shouldn’t, creating a clear audio environment for drivers and passengers.

Explorer is about pushing boundaries,” says Matt Zuehlk, Ford Explorer brand manager, “and authentic high-end home theater sound isn’t just for the living room anymore. The new Platinum series gives customers everything – including a sound system that will knock your socks off.”

2016 Ford Explorer Platinum

2016 Ford Explorer Platinum

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