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BMW X5 Tops List of Most Stolen and Recovered Vehicles in the UK

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BMW, Land Rover, and Mercedes-Benz models make up the list of the vehicles stolen most throughout the United Kingdom

The BMW X5 was the vehicle that British car thieves wanted above all others

Tracker, a United Kingdom-based vehicle tracking and recovery organization, recovered more than £11.5 million worth of vehicles last year. Therefore, the team at tracker obviously has some insight into which cars are stolen the most in the UK.

According to Tracker’s findings, the BMW X5 was the vehicle that was stolen the most in the United Kingdom.

Since Tracker started recording the number of vehicles stolen and recovered in 2011, the BMW X5 has always been at the top of the list, with the exception of 2015. That year, its top spot was stolen by the Range Rover Sport, which was, well, stolen at a higher rate.

The Range Rover Sport was listed as the second-most stolen vehicle in the UK during 2016. Other Land Rover vehicles joining the Range Rover Sport in the top 10 stolen vehicle list were the Range Rover Autobiography, the Vogue, and the recently-discontinued Land Rover Defender.

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Just ask James Bond about Range Rovers being stolen

This is the first year that the Defender has made it onto Tracker’s list. The team at Tracker theorizes that its sudden rarity has made it more attractive to car thieves.

Three other BMW models also made it onto this year’s list, with two Mercedes models rounding out said list. 2016 marks the first year where no Audi vehicles made it onto Tracker’s top-10 stolen and recovered vehicle listing.

You’re safe for now, Audi

While it may seem like most of the vehicles that were recovered by Tracker were luxury brands, the service states that the average value of vehicles stolen in 2016 actually went down.

“It’s important to note that the average value of vehicles stolen and recovered dropped to an average of £16,436, down from over £19,000 in 2015,” explained Andy Barrs, Head of Police Liaison at Tracker. “Thieves continued to target more affordable, yet popular brands, such as Ford, Vauxhall, and VW models, which were stolen in even greater numbers in 2016. 27% of all vehicles recovered by TRACKER in 2016 were valued at less than £5,000.”

Still, if you live in the UK and have one of the following 10 vehicles, you may want to keep a keen eye out for any thieves who might want a new set of wheels.

The 10 Most Stolen and Recovered Vehicles in the UK


[wptab name=”10. BMW 5 Series”]

10. BMW 5 Series

2015 10th Place Vehicle: Audi Q7



[wptab name=”9. Land Rover Defender”]

9. Land Rover Defender

2015 9th Place Vehicle: Range Rover Biography



[wptab name=”8. Range Rover Vogue”]

8. Range Rover Vogue

2015 8th Place Vehicle: Audi RS4



[wptab name=”7. Range Rover Autobiography”]

7. Range Rover Autobiography

2015 7th Place Vehicle: BMW 5 Series



[wptab name=”6. BMW 3 Series”]

BMW Sales

6. BMW 3 Series

2015 6th Place Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz C63



[wptab name=”5. Mercedes E Class”]

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5. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

2015 5th Place Vehicle: BMW 3 Series



[wptab name=”4. Mercedes C Class”]

2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

4. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2015 4th Place Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz C220



[wptab name=”3. BMW M3″]

2014 BMW M3

3. BMW M3

2015 3rd Place Vehicle: Range Rover Vogue



[wptab name=”2. Range Rover Sport”]

2. Range Rover Sport

2015 2nd Place Vehicle: BMW X5



[wptab name=”1. BMW X5″]

BMW X5 xDrive50i

1. BMW X5

2015 1st Place Vehicle: Range Rover Sport




Source: Tracker