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George Jones’ 1978 Vette Heads to the Corvette Museum

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George Jones’ 1987
Imagine this, but older and exuding country-style pizzazz
Photo: Chevrolet

Few vehicles have the storied history that the Corvette does. Much of that history is cataloged and on display in the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. While many exhibits have come and gone through the years, some artifacts are lucky enough to become permanent residents of the museum. This is the case for their latest exciting acquisition: the 1978 Corvette owned by country music legend George Jones.

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George Jones’ 1978 Corvette

The reverence the late George Jones held for Chevrolet’s classic sports car was certainly no secret. One of Jones’ most beloved tunes is literally named “The Corvette Song.” Jones treasured his own unique Corvette, a 1978 model he affectionately nicknamed “The Possum.” The vehicle was Jones’ prized possession for two decades, but was sold off back in 2000. After several more sales and owners, “The Possum” ended up in the garage of Timothy and Donna Vincent.

“In 2012 we loaned the George Jones Corvette to the [Corvette] Museum for a Country Music Stars and Cars exhibit,” explains Timothy. “So when we decided to let go of the car, the Museum was the first place we thought might be interested in it. We were excited… to preserve its history and make the Museum its permanent home where it can be enjoyed by all.”

“A no brainer”

George Jones’ 1978 Corvette has became the first celebrity-owned car to become a permanent attraction at the Corvette Museum. For Country Countdown USA host and Past-Chair of the museum’s Board of Directors Lon Helton, passing up the purchase was not an option. “When [the idea was] first presented… at the board meeting, it seemed like a no brainer,” says Helton. “My whole life has been my two passions — Country music and Corvette — two uniquely American, iconic things. If our name wasn’t on this, I’d get questions from friends and relatives saying ‘Geeze, you’re in the Country music business, and this is a Country music car and someone else’s name is on it?’”

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George Jones’ 1978 Corvette can currently be seen at its new permanent home in the National Corvette Museum. If you get the chance to pay it a visit, be sure to peek through the window. You may just spot Jones’ signature on the dash!