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GM Takes Further Military Step, Applies for ‘GM Defense’ Trademark

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General Motors has always been highly involved with the US military, but lately has been stepping up its involvement in offering its alternative-fuel vehicles for military use, specifically with the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 and the GM SURUS concept.

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Now, General Motors has filed trademark applications to nail down both the name of GM Defense and a logo for the division.

GM Defense Logo

Here’s the logo, taken from the trademark application.

The formation of a GM military defense division has been anticipated since shortly after the SURUS was revealed, when Automotive News learned of the automaker’s plans. This would represent a return to major military work that GM gave up when it sold General Dynamic back in 2003.

Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 Fuel Cell Vehicle

The US military has been testing the Colorado ZH2, which is based on the mid-size Colorado pickup truck, since last April. The Colorado ZH2 stands on a highly-reinforced chassis and offers a number of advantages in a military situation, including a quiet operating volume, cool operating temperature, high vehicle torque, and a removable power unit.

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GM SURUS hydrogen vehicle concept

A few months after the ZH2 was delivered to the military for testing, GM uncovered the SURUS, or Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure. The SURUS was a concept hydrogen-powered sled-like pack mule of a vehicle, offering a number of upfit possibilities. There was speculation that it could be used with advanced piloting technology.

Either way, the submission of the application could signal that GM is ready to officially declare GM Defense open for business.

News Source: GM Authority