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GMC’s Marissa West Gives the Inside Scoop on the 2020 Sierra HD

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Sierra Heavy Duty Chief Engineer Marissa West recently gave an inside look at the brand’s goal for the 2020 Sierra HD, as well as some distinct style and mechanical elements that give it an advantage over the competition. Here are just some of the insights she shared with GMC Life about the new Sierra HD.

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2020 GMC Sierra HD

A new and improved Sierra HD

According to West, the next-gen Sierra HD perfectly fuses distinctive design with distinctive capability, two qualities that GMC customers value in this segment. The 2020 model is larger than the previous year’s version while adding on some new tweaks that enhance performance and trailering.

Stunning capabilities

As West articulated, the 2020 Sierra HD “offers the most capable heavy duty pickup for trailering in the segment.” She pointed out the model’s impressive specs, like the maximum towing capability rated at over 30,000 pounds. The model also boasts a gross combined weight rating of 43,500 pounds and a best-in-class maximum gooseneck trailering rating of 35,500 pounds.

2020 GMC Sierra HD

Trailering tech

The 2020 Sierra HD also adds some progressive systems to make trailering easier and safer. “Many of our customers have told us that they want more confidence when towing. So we integrated a lot of design elements to bring the trailering experience to another level,” said West.

To this end, the truck provides an available Rear Camera Mirror and 15 different camera views to enhance visibility. You can also opt for the ProGrade Trailering suite of technologies and design details that simplify the process of hitching and towing a trailer.

Lastly, the in-vehicle trailering app lets you store five trailering profiles. This enables you to recall the settings you need for a certain object you tow regularly, like a trailer or camper, so you can get on the road more quickly.

2020 GMC Sierra HD

Other cool perks

West also highlighted the model’s “engine after-run” feature, which helps the engine cool down after a strenuous trek over steep terrain. She explained that if you turn the truck off after towing a heavy load up a steep hill, the engine will automatically turn back on for up to 15 minutes, so it can cool down more gradually. This helps extend the engine’s life while boosting its overall reliability.

GMC has also incorporated an independent front suspension for a smoother ride quality and an improved carrying ability. It’s just another one of this model’s class-exclusive features than rivals lack.

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