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GM’s EV Charge Stations Surpass 400

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GM’s EV Charge Stations Surpass 400

GM’s EV charge stations surpass 400.

Despite a large number of EV naysayers throughout the country, the alternative form of transportation is really taking off—and becoming a much more viable way of getting around. In fact, General Motors announced yesterday that GM’s EV charge stations at various U.S. production and business facilities have surpassed 400; 401 to be exact.

Even more impressive is that over 20 percent of GM’s EV charge stations actually use electricity that has been generated via solar canopies.

These charge stations are available mostly in Michigan, where the majority of GM’s engineering facilities and corporate offices are located and where electric vehicle ownership is growing steadily. These charge stations are available to employees and visitors free of charge—but also full of charge. Ba dum chh!

GM’s EV Charge Stations Surpass 400

You can see where these charge stations are, broken down by state.

“GM’s commitment to installing a workplace charging infrastructure is among the most expansive of any corporation in the U.S.,” explained Britta Gross, director of GM advanced vehicle commercialization policy. “Workplace charging is one of the most important things a company can do to raise plug-in electric vehicle awareness and energize employees.”

Gross added, “Once employees see how easy it is to plug in at home and work, and they realize the fuel savings, plug-in electric vehicles like the Chevy Volt begin to sell themselves.”

But these onsite charge stations are not General Motors’ only EV charge stations. The company has another 400 charge spots that are solely used for vehicle development and testing. On top of that, nearly 6,000 charge stations have gone up at Chevrolet and Cadillac dealerships nationwide; 17 of these dealerships are using solar charging canopies for an even greener experience.

“Workplace charging is now part of GM’s corporate sustainability plan and our employees want to be part of this positive change,” Gross said. “The key for any company is to take the first step and make it simple for employees to engage—in our case we started with outlets and free charging.”