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Google Maps Adds Speed Limit, Speed Trap Warnings

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Google Maps speed limit and speed trap warnings

If you rely on Google Maps for vehicle navigation, you’ll appreciate the app’s newest features — a display that shows posted speed limits and icons indicating where speed cameras are located.

The update is being made available on both Android and iOS devices. The posted speed limit will show up in the lower left corner of the app. Icons for speed cameras will be shown along your route on the map display itself. Google Maps will also issue an audio warning when you’re approaching one of these speed traps.

Users of Google Maps have been able to report speed traps for a number of months, and now that information is finally being integrated into the app.

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Google has been testing these features for a few years. Until now, though, they’ve only been available in San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Google is still in the process of rolling out these changes across the nation, but they should soon be available throughout the United States.

Speed limit information will also available in the United Kingdom and some areas of Europe. Speed camera information will be available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia, and India.

With these changes, Google is aiming to make its app more comparable to leading navigation tools like Waze (also owned by Google) and Garmin, both of which already offer speed information.

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